On this blog you’ll find recipes made by the members of Amber and our friends, or recipes they like and want to share with us and of course information about the Tiny Empires game.

  • The About Amber page tells you the history of Amber, the menu party pictures shows the pictures of the various parties. On the Amber gossip page you can read up on the latest gossip that has happened
  • Information about TE can be found under the menu’s of Info about Basic TE for the normal hud & Info about the Fed hud about Federation hud.
  • The page Trader and Alchemist visits tells you when the trader and alchemist visited Amber and how long it took between visits.We stopped updating this
  • You can see the recent tweets by @kingdomofamber on the right, and tweet to us directly.
  • Download here latest version of the Alchemist mixtures (the things that come after the potion picking)
  • You can also visit our Flickr page for all the party pictures or like our Facebook page

If you want to submit a recipe IM Mogway Lavendel in game and send her a Notecard or email your recipe to kingdomofamber@yahoo.com
Recipes will be posted when we have some to share, recipes will never be taken off the website!

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Amber Quest help V2

Hey everyone Version 2 is out 🙂
It’s in the Amber group for members in Mogs’s group for non Amber members and on the MP and Amber info hub.

If you want to contribute to it be sure to send in your results before September 29th.

GV Mogs

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Turns Alchemist changed

Ultra has changed the way the alchemist approaches us from the 3 turns it normally takes it now takes 5 turns for her to let you pick the potions, for example:
Jan 1st notice, feb nothing, mar outskirts, apr nothing, may potion picking, jun mixing

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Welcome home Sun and Lily!

After a year of adventure and travel, I would like to welcome home, Sun Parx and Lily Bender. Vital parts of our Awesome Tiny Empire.

Welcome home you two… 🙂

King Yikes

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That time of year

Every year in spring,
This King travels for his real life Job to distant exotic places in South America. (Sounds fun but its truly over rated)

I leave this morning for a few weeks. My goal is to be home during the 1st week of May. (hopefully sooner)

This Kingdom is good. and practically runs itself. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact Mogs.

Good Luck and may the Winds be at our backs in our travels.

See You next month

King Yikes

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Amber Quest help 2018v1

Happy Easter all! Here is the new Quest help 🙂 a new version will come in 3 months or sooner if i get a lot more information.
Get the new Quest Help from our group, mog’s group, the Info Hub or the marketplace

GV Mogs

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Quest help

A new edition will come out on the 1st of April (not a joke!) So be sure to send in your quest results before 30th of March

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Pro level Convincing!

Now that’s some strong convincing! 120 gold bars saved 🙂

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