About Amber

Welcome to the Kingdom of Amber.
Amber Prides itself on Fun and Friendship
Those things are far more important than the Greed of the almighty Acre

We are a no sabotage Kingdom, please respect this.
Please do not recruit or bribe from our allies
From the 16th of August 2016 Amber is officially allied with:
Kingdom of the Free, Integrity, Kingdom of Yggdrasil, Manderley, Mediocris Fabula, Niagra, Storybrooke, Temple of Doom

  • A day of Remembrance

Today is an anniversary of an important event for Amber. its an event that could be remembered with pain for us… I prefer to think if it as a day of awakening… Lets remember this day fondly. You can read the send out note here

  • A new Dawn

On the 1st of February, the original founders of Amber left Amber to form the kingdom of Lux Aetena Electri. They left Amber in the capable hands of King Yikes Daxter, who remains the current monarch.

  • Era of King Yikes Daxter

On November 24th 2012 Yikes Daxter took over from Queen Tia. Read more about King Yikes’s vision here

  • Era of Queen Tia Antwerp

In November 2010, it was Tia’s turn to step up and take the reigns as the First Queen of Amber and did so with such pride and honour and strived to continue to see Amber grow and prosper taking all she has learnt from Angel, Stan and JV, the King of Devonshire.

  • Era of King Stan Eracktor

In September 2009 King Angel stepped aside and the Fixed Prince Stan Eracktor ascended as the new King of Amber.  Amber saw a new lease of life and continued to thrive, new people coming and going and of course our goals firmly still in place

  • Era of King Angel Cordoso, Kingdom of Amber founded
On the 26th of July 2008 Angel Cordoso ascended from the Kingdom of Devonshire and the Kingdom of Amber was born.  From small beginnings the Kingdom grew and became established. We pride ourselves in the support and help we offer, it’s about friends and them achieving their goals first, then the acres.

November 24, 2012 at 10:23am

To the Members of the Royal Kingdom of Amber.

To Queen Tia.
You are beloved by the members this Kingdom and you are beloved for very good reasons. You have been interactive with all of us who have called this kingdom home. You have made this kingdom fun to be a part of yet have taken it seriously enough to maintain a top 20 realm. I have seen you handle drama with wisdom. With the goal of taking the high road at all times possible. There are no lessons to prepare a person to learn such wisdom and the daily trials of life cannot teach us that “dignity” and “right & wrong” are not always the easy way… even though it is always the correct way. I cannot assume to fill your shoes as a monarch. I can only hope to learn from what I have seen and do my best.

A Mission and Creed “TO THINE OWN SELF, BE TRUE”

In my daily life, I live by a creed that says “TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE”. William Shakespeare wrote those words almost 500 years ago and if we read them for what they are worth, and live by them for what they mean, they can make life and the events of a daily existence become so much easier to bear. The kingdom of Amber will live by those words. The kingdom will always have a leader. But the stability of that kingdom will be found with those that exist in this Kingdom and make it work and thrive. All of us will define for the rest of Tiny Empires, what it means for Amber to be true to itself. And we will hold our heads high and proud that we will do so with HONOR and DIGNITY. With honor and dignity, will come RESPECT from those who know the importance of such highly spoken words. Our past Monarchs lived by those tenets and I will strive do the same with all of my best intentions.

Amber will have its share of friends and Allies. But like any other successful Kingdoms, we will have our share of enemies and critic’s. We will be loved because of mutual love and respect from others who understand what love and respect mean. We will be hated by those who are jealous of what we have and try evil and nasty things to take from us and hurt us. These tactics are not new. Tiny Empires is a game of politics whether we want it to be or not. I learned a long time ago. “Never Make your Rival or Enemy a Star”. No matter what happens, good or bad… It will be my goal for Amber to be the one to Shine, no matter what happens.


We will be a Kingdom of peace. Sabotage will be frowned upon. It is a viable, working part of our game, so it’s unrealistic to think that it will be NEVER be done by a member of Amber. It has always been a part of our Kingdom that Sabotage will hopefully not be done. If any member of my kingdom is sabotaged, I will personally replace those sabotaged acres to you from my own personal stock of land. when we get sabotaged, I will ask that revenge and retaliation be discussed with me, or a member of my Royal Court. If I find that a member of this kingdom has indulged in Sabotage, please forgive me in advance when I contact the sabotaged player and offer that player land to replace its lost acres.


This court will be advisors to me as things arise for council, advice & opinion. This court will consist of players who have proven themselves worthy of the wisdom that it takes to sit on such a council. I will announce soon who will be members of this Court. Understand that all decisions that are final will be made solely by me as King and I will stand by those choices on my own. I will not be bound by the members of this Court as a voting body, but rather, this Court will be there to seek opinion from more than one person. The reason for this is simple. If bad choices are made, they will be made by me. No unfortunate choices will ever be blamed on a Court of advisors.


The following are those who will serve our Kingdom, along with their individual downlines, as Viceroy / Vicerine of Amber. All of which will be included in the above mentioned Court of Amber
◾Grand Vicerine Mogway Lavendel
◾Viceroy Hotlips Steamweaver
◾Vicerine SavannahSweet1 Resident
◾Others will be included soon and appropriately announced as they happen.

Lastly… We all came to Second life for a reason. Those reasons are unique and private to ourselves. Tiny Empires is a game we found within the game and those of us who continue to play, do so because its enjoyable and fun. Let us all strive to remember. We started all of this as a way to have fun. Let us all strive to keep this fun even though drama and politics will rear its ugly head from time to time.

The previous Monarchs of Amber stepped away for their own private reasons. Yet they remain here as players for the love of TE and for the love of Amber. There will be a time in the future when I do the same as they have. I can only hope to meet the high standards that were set before me. And when its my time to go, I can only hope that Amber will be even greater than it is right now, as Queen Tia retires, and leaves things to me.

I don’t want subjects and underlings. I want equals who work as ONE for the greater good of all of us.

May Peace, Love, Hope, Charity and Respect be with us all.

King Yikes

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