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Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are! I usually give people more chances than they deserve but once I'm done, I'm done. I'm a bitch with wifi

Welcome Package

Welcome and glad you’re with us in Amber. I’ve updated the welcome package with 2 new LM’s. The gathering one is a place you can use for gathering during Traders, Festivals and such. The Info hub has the Trader, Alchemist … Continue reading

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Welcome Cat & Co

Wake up Amber cause the awesome Cat (Catriona Macbain) and her line just joined us 🙂 Be sure to say hi and stuff when you’re around and have fun ^^

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Sat, Nov 25 2017 3:06:56 AM PST Yesterday began my 6th year as King… Yayyyy me !!!! I could never do this without our GV Mogs … YAYYY Us !!! Old Friends are coming home. Yayyyyyy Everyone !!! As a … Continue reading

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Our King is safe!

As most of you know our King Yikes lives in Florida, and he was in the eye of Irma. Luckily he is safe, we’ve spoken briefly and all is well. Just wanted everyone else to know this great news too. … Continue reading

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Amber Quest help V06

Thank you again for all who helped making this version 🙂 keep on sending in those results. Good luck questing Available in the send notices, marketplace and Amber info hub GV Mogs

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Stats April

Trader: Average 76,73 years, Shortest 62 years, Longest 108 years over 15 visits Alchemist: Average 32,23 years, Shortest 21 years, Longest 49 years over 35 visits Full report: GV Mogs

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Amber Quest Help V5

The latest quest help is out today! Thank you to everyone who submitted their results! Please keep on doing so! The quest help is also available in the marketplace and at the Amber info hub so go tell your friends … Continue reading

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