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Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are! I usually give people more chances than they deserve but once I'm done, I'm done. I'm a bitch with wifi

Amber Quest Help 2019 v1

Sorry guys it took me a bit longer to get it done. But finally here’s the new version of the Quest help. If you want to help make this version better please send in your NC’s before the 1st of … Continue reading

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No more turtles

We have panda’s now! It’s an improvement.

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9th time bitches!!!

Sun, Nov 04 2018 5:58:46 AM PST [Dec 1237] Dead Biting Aunt Faith Voix of Amber and King Yikes Daxter of Amber were voted Queen and King of the ball at the Festival. They each won 10 gold bars. When … Continue reading

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New Quest help version 30-09-18

A new version of our Quest help will come out later this month. If you want to contribute to it then please send your results to Mogway Lavendel and she’ll add them to the cards.

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Congrats to Iry!!

As predicted she’s one of the 1st to get the 50 joust wins! Sorry King but you lost the bet XD Congrats Iry! May 50 more follow soon

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Happy birthday Amber

10 years ago, Amber was created by our Amber forefathers.. This king was not even a TE player when this awesome Kingdom was founded. The goals of our forefathers were ambitious. Even though our founders have moved on. Their goals … Continue reading

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Amber Quest help V2

Hey everyone Version 2 is out 🙂 It’s in the Amber group for members in Mogs’s group for non Amber members and on the MP and Amber info hub. If you want to contribute to it be sure to send … Continue reading

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