03 Trader

From the 1st sighting till he reveals you what he has to offer. Click on the picture to see what you need to do.
You need to be baron/ess or higher to play trader

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Start of trader

Hud Explanation
trader1 The 1st sighting of trader, let say trader is spotted in Jan
trader2 2nd sighting of the trader, this will be in Mar
trader3 3rd sighting of the trader, this will be in May, you will now know how much you will need to pay or if you have a blue potion it will be free
trader4 Pay round of trader, if trader was 1st sighted in Jan then pay round will be in Jun. If you have the option to buy an acre or give away an acre please do so, you might get an extra round πŸ˜‰ If you have a blue potion from the alchemist the trader will be free.
trader5 After you paid the trader he will pack up his stuff and go again, leaving you with something special if you agreed to pay him
notrader Always make sure you have enough gold (we recommend 10x the acre cost), so you will not get this dreaded option! Or remember to click yes XD

Top / Start / Trader outcomes / Text version / Christmas Trader

Trader outcomes

Hud Explanation
trader1g 1 gold forevermore: Do nothing, you can get this bonus twice (with all the upgrades and this bonus your max gold per acre is 30, this is for the classic hud)
traderbuylow Buy low: Buy acres for the next 12 months
tradersurprises Surprises: Buy land on every turn for the next 12 months, the next turn a “fortune smiles upon you” will appear with an amount of gold
trader6 Worth more: Buy and Sell acres for 12 months
gen Gen / Generosity: For 11 months give away your acres, you’ll receive a reward of the acre cost back, sometimes higher, sometimes a bit lower. You can give away your acres 1 rank above you, but its better to pass the acres down your line. You cant give your acres to a person that also has gen!
seeds Fed hud Seeds: Do nothing for 11 months, you can buy an acre if the option shows up but you don’t have to
book Fed hud Book quest, you will now need a key from the fortune teller, see Mysterious Book Quest for more information on the quest
gbtrader Fed hud Gold bars: 5 shiny new gold bars, nothing more to do

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Text version

Details: Cost: expect he’ll charge your current price of 2.5 acres at any time he appears. He will quote a price and you don’t know what you’ll get.
Save enough to buy acres if necessary, but you can usually sell acres once the offer sequence starts if needed. Dont forget to also save enough to buy land should you get surprises as your reward.
1. Buy land lower than usual = Cheap land, so buy for the next 12 months
2. Land is worth more than normal = Both BUY & SELL land each month
3. Purchased land contains hidden surprises = Buy every turn to receive a found fortune
4. Generosity rewarded = Give acres to someone in your down line (to keep the acres or if no one is online from your downline to someone else in the kingdom) for gold windfalls – Rank is an issue in acre transfers upwards. You can give to someone that is 1 rank higher, lower is never a problem. Two people with generosity also can’t gift to each other – it will be returned – no reward
5. +1 gold per acre forever more (this comes only twice) = Do nothing
Fed Hud only
6. Seeds = The value of your gold per acre shoots sky high – sit back and relax, enjoy the earnings, buy if you can
7. Book = This will start a mini quest, you’ll need a key from the fortune teller at the festival, after that the Abbot can translate the book.
8. Gold bars = The trader can give you 5 gold bars
Usually there is one Turn between each of the notices
***First Notice***A mysterious trader has been spotted on the outskirts of our kingdom. There are reports of citizens visiting him with large sacks of gold, and leaving with small slips of paper and enigmatic smiles.
***Second***The mysterious trader has parked his wagon in a dark alley, and will soon be open for business. You have learned that he will ask for X gold for his wares. You still don’t know what he is offering.
****Third is to buy or not***The mysterious trader will accept X amount gold in return for… something. He refuses to tell you what you are buying. His dark eyes pierce your soul as he waits. Will you buy?
***you pass the gold to the mysterious trader. He counts it, fills a card with words, and slides it toward you. He turns away as you read IE: “for one year, you may buy land at a very low price.”
The mysterious Trader has packed up his wagon, now heavy with gold. He has slowly moved on to the west, and nobody seems to know when he will return***

Top / Start / Trader outcomes / Text version / Christmas Trader

Christmas Trader
Every year on the 24th of December a new version of the Trader will appear. You will now when he’s going to appear when the Christmas goose makes it’s way into the huds.

Then the waiting begins for something special! You don’t have to click yes, it will make you play if you’re online. The Christmas Trader happens in ALL the realms across the map!
Top / Start / Trader outcomes / Text version / Christmas Trader

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