Info about Basic TE

On this website you can find information about: (if you rather look it up on facebook click here for the facebook links)

  • The Tiny Empires Game (short: TE)
    • The hud explained Normal / Federation and Accounting / Bookkeeping explained
    • Icons page The icons explained as used on the TE website
    • Upgrades Upgrades that will come on the hud once you start the game
    • Trader Mini game that is available from Baron/ess and above
    • Population Surveys Get all the answers right, see this page for the correct answers
    • New Subject What to do if you get a new subject

  • The Federation expansion (short: fed or fed hud)
    • Abbot What the Monks do when you give them your hard earned gold
    • Alchemist (screenshot version) Give her your gold bars and she will give you….
    • Alchemist (text version) Just the text no fancy screenshots
    • Allies All the things you can do with your allies explained
    • Disasters and Population The disasters explained, which one to pick is up to you
    • Festival Lots of different things happen during a festival
    • Mysterious Book Trader gives you a book…great so now what?
    • Path to Royalty Royalty and hard work awaits you
    • Quest A walk through, through a Quest

    • On our facebook we have a page too with lots of information about the Tiny Empires game, if you don’t have a facebook account then click on one of the pages in the Info about TE menu
      We have screenshots of the game with various information, click on the word you’d like more information about:

    • Screenshots:
    • Information Notes
    • Advertisements

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