Alchemist (Fed Hud) Text version

Update 2018:
Ultra has changed the way the alchemist approaches us from the 3 turns it normally takes it now takes 5 turns for her to let you pick the potions, for example:
Jan 1st notice, feb nothing, mar outskirts, apr nothing, may potion picking, jun mixing

You can buy potions from the alchemist at various prices for gold bars, and you can have the effect of multiple potions at once. Current known potions: (click on the potion to see the explanation)

You will need Gold bars for these potions, Read here how to obtain them, Text version of how the Alchemist appears on the huds.

Ancient Potion Cost: 1 gold bar
“The year of the trader/shall end a bit later.”
Reward: This potion extends the Trader year for your next Trader to 24 months. It is only available after a specific potion mixture. The Trader proceeds normally, except that you are told “for two years…” instead of “for one year…”. Only if you get gold bars from the trader the potion will not work and will be on your potions list till the next trader.
Update 2nd December 2013: The Ancient potion is not! stackable…if you already have an ancient potion and you get dark & aged (or any of the other ancient potion triggers) you will not get the message that you have discovered a new potion which she will offer you next visit.. Instead she gives you 2 gold bars (Discovered by KingdomOfAmber)


Black Potion Cost: 10 gold bars
“You trade away 10 gold bars for a black potion and quickly drink the entire vial. The air shimmers for a moment. You point at the sun. It turns dark, and begins to speed through the sky”
Reward: The black potion triggers the immediate visit by the Trader in the kingdom you are in. Only the Monarchs can use it.

Blue Potion Cost: 1 gold bar
“You trade away a gold bar for a blue potion and quickly drink the entire vial. The air shimmers for a moment. You see a wavering image of a dark sun, traveling east to west across a yellow sky.”
Reward: You get a free Trader. When the Trader comes….”He refuses to tell you what you will receive, but with the blue potion coursing through your veins, you understand it will be free. Will you accept?”

Bronze Potion Cost: 3 gold bars
“You Feel Determined”
Reward: The bronze potion triggers the next step in the mysterious book quest. You can buy this potion 3 times if you want:
1 To start the quest: Get book from the trader next time you catch him.
2 Get the key from the fortune teller next festival
3 Make the abbot translate your book
More information about the book quest: Mysterious Book Page

Bubbling Potion Cost: 1 gold bar
“You trade away a gold bar for a bubbling potion and quickly drink the entire vial. The air shimmers for a moment. You feel very lucky.”
Reward: Amount will variate, depending on your acre cost, mostly it will be around 3x your acre cost windfall.

Dark Green Potion Cost: 1 gold bar
“The year ends and taxes are due for most. However you are still under the effects of the dark green potion. You pay nothing”
Reward: You don’t have to pay taxes for the next 5 years, if your monarch has set taxes at the same time you have the potion, the potion will continue to happen.

Draught of Quintain Cost: 1 gold bar
“You trade away a gold bar for ‘Draught of Quintain’ and quickly drink the entire vial. The air shimmers for a moment. Your muscles flex and you feel knowledgeable, 2 times over”
Reward: Don’t give up an acre for 2 festivals but if you buy more it stacks.

Draught of Stentor Cost: 2 gold bars
Reward: Send a message to your online downline, message can have up to 70 letters

Elixir of Prevention Cost: 1 gold bar
“You Feel Safe”
Reward: Will prevent disasters for 4 or 5 times.

Elixir of Strength Cost: 30 gold bars
Reward: You can buy 50 more acres, you can have 4 strength potions (Normal acre cap is 2000 with 4 strength potions the acre cap is 2200)

Essence of Giving Cost: 1 gold bar
Reward: Give away 3 acres for you personal acres to anyone in the realm.

Essence of Loyalty Cost: 1 gold bar
“You trade away a gold bar for ” Essence of Loyalty ” and quickly drink the entire vial. The air shimmers for a moment…..You feel Loyal.”
Reward: Higher reward for turning down bribes. Normally it is 1 time, but you can also stack these potions, no limit is known.

Gray Potion Cost: 1 gold bar
“The deed of a tract shall be three in a stack.”
Reward: You will receive 3 acres instead of 1 during a land tract

Lure of Gold Cost: 1 gold bar
“You trade away a gold bar for ” Lure of Gold ” and quickly drink the entire vial. The air shimmers for a moment. You next offer to bribe another subject may be significantly more enticing”
Reward: Bribes you send out will be 3 times the original amount. The amount of the offered bribe is calculated from your personal acres.

Murky Potion Cost: 10 gold bars
“You feel wiser in the ways of accounting and bookkeeping”
Reward: You can have more gold, you can have 8 murky potions in total (Original cap is around 2.147 bil maximum cap with 8 murky’s is 4 bil).

Oil Metagrobology Cost: 1 gold bars
“You trade away a gold bar for the potion and quickly drink the entire vial! The air shimmers for a moment. You feel intelligent”
Reward: Riddles will be answered for a couple of years.

Orange Potion Cost: 2 gold bars
“You trade away 2 gold bars for an orange potion and quickly drink the entire vial. The air shimmers for a moment. You feel safe from sabotage.”
Reward: You can stack these potions, if you have active allies you don’t need orange potions, allies can help when you’re sabotaged.

Potion of Amnesty Cost: 1 gold bar
“The Potion of Amnesty courses through your veins. The homage normally paid by your direct subjects will be taken from another source. For one year, they will owe you no homage payments.”
Reward: Can be used for yourself or your online subjects, no homage pay for 12 months.

Research Acumen Cost: 3 gold bars
“You trade away 3 gold bars for ‘ Research Acumen ‘ and quick drink the entire vial. The air shimmers for a moment. You feel observant. ”
Reward: Complete 5 steps at once when researching a disaster

Serum of Aurum Cost: 3 gold bars (8 gold bars total)
“You trade away 3 gold bars for “serum of Aurum” and quickly drink the entire vial. The air shimmers for a moment. You have a sudden urge to share the wealth.”
Reward: Give a direct fed hud subject 5 gold bars from your own gold bars

Serum of Generosity Cost: 3 gold bars
Reward: Give a direct subject 10 acres from your own personal acres

Sip of Fecundity Cost: 20 gold bars
“You trade away 20 gold bars for Sip of Fecundity and quickly drink the entire vial. The air shimmers for a moment. You and your subjects have received maximum population.”
Reward: You and your direct fed hud subjects will get a population % of 5000%.

Swirly Potion Cost: 25 gold bars
“You trade away 25 Gold Bars for a Swirly Potion and quickly drink the entire vial, the air shimmers for a moment, Your Federation Expands.”
Reward: You can add a 5th ally, if you build an embassy you’ll get a 1 gold per acre forevermore bonus.

Turbid Potion Cost: 100 gold bars
“You trade away 100 gold bars for a turbid potion and quickly drink the entire vial.The air shimmers for a moment.You suddenly think of a much more efficient way to store your gold”
Reward: Increases your gold cap by 1 bil on top of the 8 murky’s (gold cap is 4 bil with 8 murky’s), you can have more of these potions.

Vigor Potion Cost: 120 gold bars
“You trade away 120 gold bars for Elixir of Vigor and quickly drink the entire vial. The air shimmers for a moment; You feel extremely strong “Strong like a bull”
Reward: Increases your acre cap by 200 personal acres on top of the 4 strengths (acre cap is 2200 with 4 strengths), you can have 4 of these potions (Making the new personal acre cap 3000).

White Potion Cost: 1 gold bar
“You Feel Lucky”
Reward: Gold windfall for the amount of 1 acre

How to get a gold bar:
* Buying an acre (random event, gold bar found in the weeds of the acre you just bought)
* Selling an acre (random event, gold bar found while taking one last look around the land you just sold)
* Winning a joust tournament (win all 3 joust matches during the same festival)
* Receiving a gift from one of your Allies via Send Ambassador (random event)
* 2 gold bars from paying the Abbot (random event). “The abbot bows and thanks you effusively for your donation. He rushes back to his monastery with your gold. A warm feeling envelops you as you discover a pair of gold bars resting on your doorstep.”
* 2 gold bars from the Fortune Teller during the festival (random event)* 5 gold bars from the Mysterious Trader. “He takes your gold and counts it. He hesitates for a moment, looking you over. Finally he nods to himself and slides a stack of five gold bars across the table. He turns away as you count them. There are five.”
* 5 gold bars from paying the highest amount for the Architect on the Path to Royalty.* 5 gold bars from buying the Crown jewels on the Path to loyalty.
* 10 gold bars if you are voted King & Queen of the Ball (random event) – dancing with a partner at the end of the Festival. Both people get 10 gold bars apiece.
The number of gold bars you have are listed under the Accounting tab, page 2.

The Alchemist:On April 8, 2009, a Red Moon appeared in the TE HUDs.
“The moon glimmers redly””The moon shimmers with a red glow””The moon returns to normal”
The following day, April 9, 2009, the Red Moon appeared again, followed by the very first arrival of an Alchemist.
“Villagers on the outskirts of the kingdom send reports that an alchemist is headed this way.
Her covered wagon is decorated with intricate patterns.
She will be here soon.”
“The Alchemist has parked her red covered wagon at the edge of the forest tonight.
Hundred of potions line the shelves inside, in small glass vials.
Prices are listed in gold bars.
You quickly count your stack: xx bars.”
The Alchemist then offers a choice of potions in exchange for gold bars.
“The moon above glares a dull red.
The Alchemist beckons as you draw near.
She offers you this selection of potions.
Which will you buy?”
You get to choose one vial from a scrolling menu of three vials.
The Alchemist initially appeared for all the kingdoms at once, but a few days later started to make an appearance for each kingdom separately.
Recently a new mini game was added to the alchemist, if you buy a potion you will be called back to give advice on mixing 2 other potions.
If you don’t buy a potion you can get called back but this doesn’t always happen.
For a current list of the known mixes go to:
Or look on the right of this page at the Flash_Widget to download the latest version

History of the gold bars:On September 16, 2008, the first report of a Gold Bar was made by Alien Blessed when he bought an acre.
The gold bars appeared randomly and were quite rare.
They were available for about a month, and then they stopped appearing.
Their purpose at the time was a bit of a mystery.
The emperor admitted at the time that he had not fully implemented their use yet, and had put the gold bars on the back burner.
The gold bars reappeared in April 2009 along with the Red Moon and Alchemist.
It became apparent that the purpose of the golds bars is to trade them to the Alchemist for potions.
There are now multiple ways of finding gold bars.


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