No more cute fluffy kittens :(

Ultra changed the game not sure when it was but it’s been over 1 week for sure.
After a survey we will no longer receive a cute fluffy kitten.
Now we get a happy baby turtle!

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Retreating is not an option!

Unless you have the Hermit card of course!

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Amber Quest Help V2018

I would like to thank everyone who send in their results for the Amber Quest Help this year and every year before that.
Please keep on doing so, so that we can help each other and others 🙂

Thank you for an amazing TE year everyone and let’s make 2018 another amazing year!

GV Mogs

(A notice has been send out in our group, and in mog’s group, the new one will be available at the marketplace and the hub too)

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Yea

As King, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.

If your values and beliefs do not include Christianity, I would love to wish everyone Peace Love and hope in our lives and good fortune in our Endeavors

As for Amber, We have been slow for a couple of years. We have been showing signs of life in the last Month. As King, i have hopes that we can become as active as we once were a few years ago. Success cannot come without happiness.

King Yikes 🙂

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Welcome Package

Welcome and glad you’re with us in Amber. I’ve updated the welcome package with 2 new LM’s.
The gathering one is a place you can use for gathering during Traders, Festivals and such.
The Info hub has the Trader, Alchemist and Festival help tools, please do not let your alts stay at that place.
The latest Quest help is in it too, new one will come on 31st of December so be sure to send in your results before the 30th
If you want a (new) title send a NC to Yikes with the desired title.
Have fun!
GV Mogs

PS the welcome package is available if you’re a member of Amber and if you’re in the group. If you are not in the group please send an IM to either Mogway Lavendel or Yikes Daxter to get added to the Amber group. If you wish to receive an update for the Amber quest help card and you are not in Amber please IM Mogway Lavendel to be added to her group of Mogs Plants & Cats where all the notecards will be send in too once they are released

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Welcome Cat & Co

Wake up Amber cause the awesome Cat (Catriona Macbain) and her line just joined us 🙂 Be sure to say hi and stuff when you’re around and have fun ^^

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Sat, Nov 25 2017 3:06:56 AM PST

Yesterday began my 6th year as King… Yayyyy me !!!!
I could never do this without our GV Mogs … YAYYY Us !!!
Old Friends are coming home. Yayyyyyy Everyone !!!

As a reminder…. I can still do TITLES and Favor as requested. Just remember that I need to know and you need to be online for it to happen. This King LOVES favoring.

Lots to be thankful for on Thanksgiving

King Yikes XD

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