Our king is currently away

Wed, Mar 29 2017 7:50:48 AM PDT

Alas it’s that time of year again that our king Yikes is away for his travels for his job and a well deserved short break.
If you need anything you can contact me, if it’s not urgent than you can wait till May to talk to Yikes about it 🙂

Safe travels my friend and hope to have you back real soon!

GV Mogs

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Amber Info Hub

We have established a NEW AMBER INFO hub on the Kings isle of Kashmir The Landmark is attached.. The new Castle and home of Amber is across from this Info hub.. Its a very large island but extremely limited. Only 10 avatars are allowed on the new island unless you have it set as HOME.

We are asking that those that use the new island contribute regularly to its cost. We do not plan to profit off of this. Just defray the expenses.

please contact Mogs and I with questions…
King Yikes


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Tiny Empires downtime

Message from Ultra
The hard drive in the Tiny Empires server needs to be replaced. I’m hoping to have it done by mid-afternoon SLT on Saturday Feb 18. If that changes I’ll send another notice. In the meantime, the game will continue to be unplayable. I apologize for the unscheduled downtime. — US

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Amber Castle and Property

I am sad to inform everyone, that I am taking down the castle and returning the property on Falcata to Linden Labs… The land and property are for the use of all of Amber, but its clear that not many use it now and to cost of paying Linden Labs does not make its use very practical.

I will soon be looking for a new location that is smaller and more reasonable in cost compared to what we are leaving.

We have had many good times on Falcata. But we will have many more good times on our next move.

King Yikes Daxter

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Amber Quest help 2017V02

Happy new month, the new quest help is here
If you need a copy IM me for now.

Stats are updated on the website too.

GV Mogs

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Website update

Trader and Visit page updated: 2016

We also have a new gossip page, the old one contains 4 years of gossip and was getting slow with loading so time for a brand new page to fill with juicy gossip. If you do not let Mogway know that you have gossip she cannot put it on the page.
Gossip 2012-2016
Gossip 2017

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Quest help 2017v01

Just send it out in the group, also available at the castle.

Gv Mogs

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