Amber Quest help 2017V02

Happy new month, the new quest help is here
If you need a copy IM me for now.

Stats are updated on the website too.

GV Mogs

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Website update

Trader and Visit page updated: 2016

We also have a new gossip page, the old one contains 4 years of gossip and was getting slow with loading so time for a brand new page to fill with juicy gossip. If you do not let Mogway know that you have gossip she cannot put it on the page.
Gossip 2012-2016
Gossip 2017

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Quest help 2017v01

Just send it out in the group, also available at the castle.

Gv Mogs

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Christmas Santa Traders

Traditionally, Ultra gives us a bunch of Christmas Festive Traders as a holiday Goodie. Providing he hasn’t changed his mind this year, We could all expect that our Traders will start this evening and continue periodically until most of Tomorrow. For those who can play, I hope we can all Enjoy them.
Merry Christmas
King Yikes

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No quest help V12

Tue, Dec 06 2016 3:34:47 AM PST

Due too the few results i got last month this months has been canceled, please continue to use V11.
Please be sure to get your quest results in BEFORE 30th december so we can start the new year with a fresh new quest help.

thank you
GV Mogs

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4 Years a King

Thu, Nov 24 2016 5:07:15 AM PST

4 Years ago today, I became the King of Amber. Lets give thanks on this day of Thanksgiving for all of those who helped to make Amber Awesome. A king, does not a kingdom make. It is the life blood of those around us that complete us as a whole. Let us start our next year in hopes of as much greatness as the past four years.

King Yikes…

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What do you give a King who has everything?

Tue, Nov 22 2016 5:37:28 AM PST

XD you let him send you to prison cause he likes it a bit too much.
Happy Bday kingyperson!!! Have a great day

[Aug 1282] Kingshand mogway Lavendel was imprisoned by King Yikes Daxter of Amber.

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