01 Icons / Ranks

The icons on the Standings page explained http://tinyempires.com/standings/
Rank icons / Game icons

Rank Icons

Icon Explanation
wanderer Everyone starts at this rank, you have 0 acres
peasant From 1-4 acres you are a peasant
squire Squire/Squiress 5-9 acres, can enter the festival but isn’t allowed to joust (Fed Hud only, warning! Only Fed Hud a beginner when you know what you’re doing, so your alt!) Can also find gold bars but will not see the moon (alchemist) appear (Fed hud only)
dame Sir/Dame 10-24 acres, can enter the festival (Fed Hud only) and is allowed to joust. Alchemist will appear from this rank.(Fed Hud only)
baroness Baron/Baroness 25-49 acres, from this rank you are allowed to play the trader
vcount Viscount/Visountess 50-99 acres
count Count/Countess 100-199 acres, from this rank you can liege directly to a prince/ss. Abbot (Fed Hud only) starts showing up when you reach this rank and you can become allies with other Fed Hud players
marquise Marquis/Marquise 200-399 acres, from this rank disasters will start (if you have a subject and you are on the fed hud)
duke Duke/Duchess 400-999
princes Prince/Princess above 1000 acres


Game Icons

Icon Explanation
gv Grand Viceroy/Grand Vicerine, this person is after the King/Queen the most powerful person in the realm. A GV has more powers then a Viceroy and can title people over the whole realm and buys land tracts for everyone in the realm
v Viceroy/Vicerine, A V can title only withing their own line and if they are a direct subject to the King/Queen and have 20.000 acres. They can also buy land tract for their own line
1k This person has 1.000 personal acres
ptrcrown This person has completed their PTR (Path To Royalty)
disease8 This person has disease researched
crime This person has crime researched
famine9 This person has famine researched
10jousts This person has won the jousting championship 10 times
bookicon This person has completed the Mysterious Book quest


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