Info about FED Hud

Tiny Empires: Federation is an expansion to Tiny Empires. The Federation hud replaces your original Tiny Empires hud, but you will still play in the same empire as everyone else. You can still interact with players who do not have the expansion, but they will not have any of the new features available to them.

What features, you ask?

To begin with, all nobles of rank Count/Countess or higher are responsible for a population of citizens. The size of this population is based on the actual number and rank of players in your downline. Proper care and feeding of your population will improve your reputation and possibly your income as well. Apathy or cruelty will lead to the opposite effect. Details of what this means will be left to your investigations…

Secondly, you will be able to form alliances with other players. This ability also comes with the rank Count/Countess or above. To form an alliance, just stand near your desired ally. You both must be Count or higher, and you both must own Tiny Empires: Federation. And of course, you cannot form an alliance with your current liege or any of your subjects. Allies will be able to help you by sending citizens your way if your population gets too low. Also you may send small ambassadorial gifts. More diplomatic options may be added as time goes by.

The Festival, a year-long celebration featuring special events such as fortune-reading and a jousting tournament, is only available in Tiny Empires: Federation.

Most importantly, TE:Federation offers the Path to Royalty for those Princes and Princesses who have ambitions of monarchy. The only way to become King or Queen of your own kingdom is through the Path.

There are several more surprises in the Federation expansion, but it’s best to let you discover them on your own.

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