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9th time bitches!!!

Sun, Nov 04 2018 5:58:46 AM PST [Dec 1237] Dead Biting Aunt Faith Voix of Amber and King Yikes Daxter of Amber were voted Queen and King of the ball at the Festival. They each won 10 gold bars. When … Continue reading

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Congrats to Iry!!

As predicted she’s one of the 1st to get the 50 joust wins! Sorry King but you lost the bet XD Congrats Iry! May 50 more follow soon

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8 Years ago today (26th of July), King Angel became the first king of Amber. 8 years & a few hundred thousand acres later, Amber still thrives as the 19th ranked active kingdom. Its true Amber has had its down … Continue reading

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Path to Royalty and New Vice

Sat, Jul 16 2016 9:19:39 AM PDT My favorite accomplishment is that of Path to Royalty GlimmersUnseen has completed her Path to Royalty and will be granted a Vice Regal Token as a reward for her hard work. In my … Continue reading

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An achievement to be proud of!

It was hard work but our own GV Mogs has finally an achievement she wished to get for a long time! The underpay achievement!! Well done Mogs now build back up so you can buy 1 bil lt’s again XD

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It was Christmas Day of 2011. I had only been playing TE for barely 7 Months. That was the day that I finished my Path That event would create a firestorm within Amber. Mogs & I refer to that time … Continue reading

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A horse is a horse!!!

Even though Ben wasnt here he still won his 10th joust!! Now that is amazing jousting!!! Congrats Ben…and Hazel next one you?

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