05 New Subject

So you gained a new subject that isnt an alt or a friend…. CONGRATS!!!
Here are some tips that can help you.

1st of all BREATHE!!! good you’re back with us now?
2nd Write the name down and IM that person, welcome them to the Kingdom of Amber.
Something like:
Welcome (name) to the Kingdom of Amber, glad you joined us.
Or Thank you (name) for accepting my bribe offer.

You get the hang of it and make it your own, i really hate the long blurbs some people send me telling about how great their kingdom is and why is should stay there and blah blah blah….
If some1 accepts your bribe it might be a jumper (a person who jumps from kingdom to kingdom, most likely some1’s alt) anyway and you both know the outcome already 😉

If they respond to the welcome i like to ask them if they are looking for a place to call home or jumping / shopping around.
With that question you will both know exactly what the intention of the other person is.
What ever they answer always stay nice and polite, people might jump now but in months to come they might remember that nice person from Amber and how well they were treated and want to come back.

If they intent to stay make sure they get a group invite and a welcome package.
If you’re a prince/ss you can invite people to the group and if you’re in the guard of Amber role.
If you’re neither then open group chat and ask if someone can add the person to the group.
If you dont have a welcome package IM Mogs for the latest one.

Should you have more questions or need help just open the group chat and i’m sure people will help you 🙂

GV Mogs

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