06 Achievement / Bookkeeping add on

Thanks for purchasing the Tiny Empires Bookkeeping and Achievements add-on! Now you can see exactly how far along you are in Tiny Empires, what you have purchased, what milestones you have reached, and what goals you have achieved.

Note: When you purchase this, you will not get anything new in your SL inventory (except this notecard). Instead, your Tiny Empires account will be updated to include the new features, and they will start appearing on your existing TE HUD within a few minutes.

—-==== Introduction ====—-

You have two new features in your Tiny Empires game: Bookkeeping and Achievements.

Bookkeeping is like a running total of your inventory, your quest progress, your various upgrades, and a tally of how many times things have happened to you in the game. The bookkeeping information is shown only to you.

Achievements are milestones that you can try to reach as you play Tiny Empires. As you complete the achievements, they may be announced to the other players of the game. Your achievements are public, and they are shown on the TE Standings website at www.tinyempires.com/standings

On the HUD, the bookkeeping and achievement information is shown on your Accounting tab after the monthly income pages. Due to limited space it cannot be shown all at once, so it switches between showing bookkeeping and achievements on alternating turns.

Read below for details about each of the features.

—-==== Bookkeeping ====—-

In the bookkeeping display you’ll find a ton of information, including how many land production upgrades you’ve purchased, how many total people are in your downline (includes your subjects, your subjects’ subjects, etc), how many acres you’ve given away, and how many you’ve received, how many times you’ve sabotaged others, or been sabotaged, and much more. Federation players will also see how many potions they have ever consumed, and a list of all the potions they still have in effect, as well as a count of how many times they have won a jousting championship or have donated to the abbot.

The bookkeeping information is the result of tracking your player information for well over two years (or since you started playing, if it was more recently than that). December 20, 2008 is the official start of the bookkeeping era, and all the bookkeeping numbers you see started at zero on that day. Events and counts before that time were lost to the mists of data corruption for many players. So to be fair to all, any data before Dec 20, 2008 was ignored.

To reiterate, your bookkeeping information is private, and only you can see it.

—-==== Achievements ====—-

Achievements bring a new kind of challenge to Tiny Empires. Now you can easily track your own progress and compare with friends as you strive to reach the milestones listed.

There are many achievements, so they have been separated into 4 sections: Expansion, Kindness, Prosperity, and Miscellaneous. Due to limited space, only one section at a time is shown on your HUD per turn. Every other turn will show a different section until all 4 have been displayed. Then it will cycle around to the first section again.

Many of the achievements are based on bookkeeping information gathered over two years, and so if you’ve met the requirements, your achievement will be marked as completed immediately after buying this add-on (or within a few turns). Other achievements are based on information that was not tracked at all. So even if you think you’ve completed one of those achievements in the past, it won’t count until you do it again now that you’ve purchased this add-on.

Some of the achievements are in the same “family”. For achievements in the same family, only the best completed one will be shown on your HUD. For example there are 4 achievements related to how much personal land have: 100 acres, 500 acres, 1000 acres, and 2000 acres. Once you’ve completed the achievement for 500 personal acres, the HUD will no longer show the 100 acres achievement.

Achievements are permanent. Once you’ve completed one, you will never lose it, even if your situation changes or you no longer meet the achievement’s requirements. Whenever you complete an achievement, it will be updated immediately on the website. However, depending on how “busy” your HUD is, it may take a few turns for the achievement to be announced to you or the other players.

Achievements are something to be proud of, and as such they are publicly viewable. Since the TE HUD offers such limited space, the achievements are also shown on the Tiny Empires standings page at www.tinyempires.com/standings — Just enter the name of the person. There will be a small “A” next to the name of anyone who owns this add-on. Click the “A” to see a full list of their achievements, both completed and uncompleted.


If you have any questions or feedback about the Bookkeeping/Achievements addon, please do not hesitate to contact me via IM.


Ultralite Soleil
Creator of Tiny Empires and Tiny Empires 3000

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