Amber Gossip 2017-

Welcome to the Amber Gossip page. Here you can see all that is happening on the huds and has happened in earlier years.
We started recording the gossip in Amber when Yikes became king. If you have any recorded gossip (title, imprisonment, achievement) please let Mogs know so she can add it.
Records from the years 2012 till 2016 are found here

May 2017 / Jan 2017


Date Event
30 [Nov 1108] DraxtheDestr0yer Resident was granted the custom title Famously Huge Turds DraxtheDestr0yer Resident of Amber.



Date Event
21 [Feb 1206] Prince FlashGordonJetsQB Resident was imprisoned by King Yikes Daxter of Amber.
15 [May 1173] EBDB Resident was granted the custom title Eskimo Brother EBDB Resident of Amber.