Monsters Unite!

Oh wait its inc…good movie but even works better as a princess!
Graciously boo-ed my dear! Go on and scare some more acres and congrats on your new rank title

GV Mogs

Also well done to my own monster Isilya, also a lil princess from today…it’s about time to 😉

Oh what a day to be in Amber!

[Nov 1168] JJ WATTish FugQ Daxter of Amber lost 1 acres of land in an act of sabotage
[Dec 1168] A suspected saboteur, Lady of Darkness Reicheru Carpaccio, was convicted and sentenced to pay restitution to JJ WATTish FugQ Daxter.

And next turn!

Also trader gave at least 300 acres…I’m proud! We so rock!


About mogway

Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are! I usually give people more chances than they deserve but once I'm done, I'm done. I'm a bitch with wifi
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