Festival of 1219

Oh it was such a sight! You just had to be there!!!
The festival went to the kingdom of the Free….We demand a recount! And there was lots of cheating going on during the jousting!
Lots of members of Amber went against each other during the first 2 rounds but a miracle occurred and in the 3rd round there was no interkingdom jousting!!
This also provide a lot of Amber wins during the final round.
More important it brought Kingdom of Amber his 10th jousting win!
After the win Kingdom promised that the drinks during the ball would be on him, but Kingdom knew that all the other ball attendants cant resist free drinks so as a result most of the competition got too drunk to even dance.
Hence why our own King Yikes and our good friend in SB Meridell won the ball!!!
Well done men 🙂
[Dec 1219] Muscle Hamster MeridellTE Resident of Storybrooke and King Yikes Daxter of Amber were voted King and King of the ball at the Festival. They each won 10 gold bars.

The HOF page and the gossip page have been updated.

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