A Day of Remembrance

Today is an anniversary of an important event for Amber. its an event that could be remembered with pain for us… I prefer to think if it as a day of awakening… Lets remember this day fondly

A Day of Remembrance

In the United States, July 4th was the date of our Declaration of Independence and cast aside those that ruled in tyranny to form a land of their own. USA has never looked back and now, 238 years later, they remain a strong and powerful country.

It is ironic that one year ago today, players left Amber under the guise of traveling and declared an Independence of their own. It was one year ago today that I discovered the plans of these Travelers that ended up splitting Amber in half and almost crippled us with drama and manipulation. Drama that lingered and harmed us for 4 full months that resulted in turning a top 8 Kingdom into two top 25 Kingdoms. Their independence of us created independence of our own. This King no longer feels the pressure of those that assumed that I would be a puppet to has-beens. I am a real life man who is a puppet to no one… EVER.

Speculation as to why things were done and said remain today. Really, it doesn’t even matter now. Troublemakers are gone and Amber still thrives to this very day. The troublemakers no longer cause us harm while their kingdom is stagnant with a King that rarely wears his hud. They are never seen in Standings Gossip for good reasons or bad. They are never seen on the huds. No promotions, titles, prisons, festivals… no nothing. They have no GV due to the fear of what that player can do with their kings inactive lines. For those that stayed with them and looked so badly upon me… I hope you are enjoying what you have chosen. Knowing many of you as I do, You would have been as warmly welcomed in Amber as you always were, and you would have complemented the quality that we maintain to this day, instead of being wasted in a stagnant kingdom of waste.

Amber has effectively grown back into the top 25 and our kingdom grows by more than 2000 acres per week, thanks to those that stayed with us and continue to support Amber with their hearts and souls. Thanks also go to those that have joined us in the past year and have enjoyed the activity of our kingdom.

We have fun in our Chat. Amber has its own Website. We have Amber on Facebook. We have Amber on Twitter. Most of these things have been built, created and maintained by our GV Mogs. FANTASTIC work by her. We have had Prince and Princess crowns designed and created for us by our Kingdom Jewelers Georgie Evermore and Felynx. We had ideas and contest entries on a New Amber logo, Special thanks to Kittenjen who was very active in that project. We have monthly parties and events hosted by Sessie Whitman. She sets up the parties… Arranges our DJ… and decorates for the events. Thanks to River Brimm… He is my right arm on the SL Properties I own… and he builds for us things that are ideas in the mind of a King. We try to be active in notice sending. Thanks to everyone who help with sending notices. They are needed and help all who are active no matter what time of day or night they are needed.

My Pet charity and project for the kingdom is for Hospice. Because of the efforts of many, we as a kingdom have raised about 75000 L’s for Hospice. Those L’s get cashed once or twice a year when I make my donations to the Hospice of Tampa Bay. Thanks to all who have helped to take part in that.

Amber has been active and innovative. These things cannot be done by just one person. This Kingdom makes the King. . I can lead and set policy for us. I can be a voice among 247 other monarchs when strong voices are needed. But I could not lead a top 25 kingdom if not for the real lives and souls of those who choose to be with us in Amber. Thanks to you all for the things you do for us and thanks to you all for your loyalty. There was a time when many of you were thrust into a choice…. Stay with Me as the King of Amber…. or follow the Troublemaking Travelers who left us for petty reasons. Most of you stayed. Thank you for that. Many came home when it was clear that the travelers became traitors to us. Thank you as well.

Amber turns 6 years old this month. We will celebrate that occasion on July 26th. It will be a formal affair and I hope that many will join us. I intend to honor those who founded this kingdom. And I intend to honor those who once ruled as Kings or Queens before I did. Sadly, many of those that founded and led have moved on. That does not diminish the roles they had that led Amber to a place where it currently sits.

In November, I will celebrate two full years on the Throne of Amber. Rest assured, there will be another party to celebrate that event as well.

Thanks to those who have spent time reading this note. Its been said that a past forgotten, is doomed to be repeated. We truly learned that we cannot fix stupid… but its always hoped that lessons can be learned from mistakes that are made.

Thanks for your time and interest. Please message me at any time

King Yikes

July 4, 2014

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