TODAY… Amber launches a fund-raiser for the benefit of HOSPICE. its an Alchemist Tool that explains the potions and what they cost.
it is Free for everyones use. IF you like it and can afford it, feel free to donate to it. All funds raised will go to Hospice. ENJOY

The Kingdom of Amber is one of the oldest Kingdoms in Tiny Empires and is rich in history & Tradition.

We are a Kingdom of Peace. We seek what we feel are the greatest goals of Tiny Empires. Friendship and fun. We do not Sabotage with the Kings blessing. The doors to Amber are always open to any who share the values that we possess.

As King of Amber, I have chosen HOSPICE as The Kingdom of Amber’s Charity of choice. The work Hospice provides for its Patients is selfless and sincere. The services they provide extend beyond the sick and afflicted and extend to the families of those who suffer.

This Box of Potions should be a handy tool for all who use the Tiny Empires Federation Hud. Our Alchemist brings many mysterious and wondrous Potions for us to choose from. Far too many to have each one committed to memory by most. Simply hover your curser over each bottle to see which potion it represents. Click it and a brief description of what it does will appear in your local chat. The book at the top of the shelves has notecards that share this and other information as well. The Texture of the shelving can be changed to fit the needs of your Second Life home décor.

Best of all, it is Free. River Brimm donated his time and efforts in the production of this device & I thank him from the bottom of my heart. Part of its beauty is its simplicity, all for the benefit of Hospice and the Kingdom of Amber. This device is copyable and transferable but unfortunately, it is not Modifiable. If anyone has need of a modifiable version, please contact River Brimm to negotiate that request.
We can only ask and hope that all who make use of this device donate as much or as little as you can to our worthy cause. Cancer is a terrible thing. We all know someone in our lives who has suffered from it. If you can close your eyes and think of those who have had need of the services provided by Hospice, then smile for them as you activate the donation column and donate what you can. No amount is too much or too little. And if perhaps you cannot afford to donate, feel free to pass this transferable package along to anyone you wish. If you cannot donate, perhaps others can. Either way, please use this device for what it can do and help us by passing it along to your friends. It is a gift of love from the Kingdom of Amber for everyone.
Everyone is invited to share comments on this device if you wish. You can follow The Kingdom of Amber on Facebook: You can follow us on Twitter @kingdomofamber. And you can visit our Blog at

Thank you in Advance for your goodness and generosity. And please enjoy this Alchemist tool.

King Yikes Daxter of Amber

You can “buy” the Alchemist crate here It costs 1L so you can gift it to friends, all Lindens will be donated.


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