Many have been asking me as King for updates on our travelers that left on their Journey in early July. I have had no answers to give. This notecard is the best that I have to offer but be forewarned, you will know nothing more when you are finished reading than you know right now.

It has been almost three months since our Travelers have departed on their Journeys. A Journey that was to cover 3 or 4 Kingdoms. For a duration of “a week or so” in each. Reality is that the travelers are still in their second stop and it seems no end is in sight. 3 or 4 Kingdoms for a week or so each should have ended in 5-6 weeks. 5-6 weeks has now turned into several months.

We knew from the start that these travels would cause drama, both within, and without our Kingdom of Amber. It most certainly has. In addition to that, this entire situation has had a poor effect on some friendships which is the most disappointing of all who have been effected. All for the sake of a venture that “has never been done” and was done for the fun of all involved.

On the first weekend of September, I asked for an update on the travels and when all would be returning home. The answer was vague & remains that way. At that time, I called for these travels to end due to many reasons. This request has been ignored. I now call upon the leaders of these travels to do one of two things. Either come home, or find somewhere else to be. At this point, I will welcome either. I would simply appreciate some finality to this thing.

There have been several Travelers who have expressed either a desire to come home, or simply wished that the travels would come to an end. As King, I will welcome home, anyone who is currently traveling who wishes to come home to Amber. It seems a bit ambivalent to have a need to present such an invitation to come home since these members have truly been members of Amber already. To need an invitation to come home seems to be a bit strange to say the least. Anyone who wants to come home, please contact me and I will see to your return.

On a positive note, We were a growing Kingdom from the time I became King last November until the time our Travelers departed. Despite the departure of more than half of Amber, we still continue to grow. I see no reason why our growth cannot continue either way. Whether our travelers return home or not.

Amber will be fine. I simply want us to be complete again and drama free again.

Long Live Amber.

King Yikes

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Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are! I usually give people more chances than they deserve but once I'm done, I'm done. I'm a bitch with wifi
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